If you’re having problems listening to us, or want to find out more about New Wine FM, then have a look for your question below. If you can’t find the answer to your question, then feel free to┬ácontact us!

How can I tune in on FM? I can’t get a strong signal.

We are not currently broadcasting, and are next on-air for New Wine United 2020.

We can only guarantee a strong signal in the nearby areas of the East of England Showground as that is where our licence covers. There were some issues with our broadcast during United 19 which we will try and solve in time for United 2020 – we also found that a nearby main FM transmitter site meant that sometimes we had interference from other radio stations on nearby frequencies.

Do you broadcast on DAB Digital Radio?

No. Due to the way DAB radio is transmitted, we are unable to broadcast on DAB.

In addition, FM provides a much more reliable way of broadcasting to the type of event the New Wine Summer Gatherings are, so we are unlikely to be using the DAB platform any time soon.

I’m a delegate on site; can I come and have a look around?

You are more than welcome to have a look around! Simply come along to the station building and, unless we’re really busy, we’ll show you around. The best time for this is during seminars or celebrations when we are not live in our studios.

I’m on site; can I come on the radio?

If you are an exhibitor in Market Town, then you will be offered an interview slot at some point in the fortnight. If you are a musician performing on site or one of the speakers, then please contact us near the beginning of the week and we will arrange something.

If you are a delegate, then we can often be found going around the site and asking for ‘vox pops’ – short answers to questions. Nearer the end of the week we will be on the lookout for testimonies, so if God has done something amazing with you during your week, then please let us know!

I’m on site; can I have a go at presenting a show?

We cannot offer delegates presenting opportunities during the week unless they are members of the New Wine FM team. However, if it is something that you would like to do, then you can apply to be on the New Wine FM team next year!

Can I make a dedication to somebody on air?

Yes, you can! Simply contact us at the station and we will read this out on-air. You can request a song to go with your dedication, although, except for some special circumstances, if it is not on our system we will be unable to play it.

You can contact us by coming up to the station or contacting us via Facebook or Twitter.

I’ve released an album – can you play it?

Unfortunately, most of the time the answer for this will be ‘no’. Our playlist is set up in advance of the Summer Gathering, as there are certain copyright restrictions that we have to adhere to as a radio broadcaster.

There are a few exceptions to this so still feel free to ask, just be aware that we probably won’t be able to. We try and get music from any bands or musicians that are performing during the weeks and the main venue worship leaders into our playlist as well as a wide range of contemporary Christian music old and new.

Please bring your music up though! If we like it, you may find yourself on our playlist for next year!

Do you broadcast online? How can I tune in?

Our next online broadcast will be for the New Wine United 2020 event in the summer of 2020. Until then, some of our best bits can be found on this website as well as released throughout the year by the New Wine and New Wine FM podcasts.

I’m a delegate on site; can I listen on my smartphone?

Yes, if you download the RadioPlayer app. You may find that you need to connect your phone to WiFi to download the latest station listings from RadioPlayer once we have started broadcasting.

We will also be available on the New Wine United 19 app.

The online player says it’s a music programme on, but I hear a seminar! (Or vice-versa!)

Due to the nature of our station, we have to be rather flexible when it comes to times of our output. If we are broadcasting a seminar or celebration and it is overrunning, we will continue to broadcast from that location until the event has finished.

Likewise, if we are due to broadcast a seminar and it starts late or finishes early, we will broadcast our normal music programming. The online schedule has no way of knowing exactly what we are broadcasting so it may be slightly wrong when this happens.

Do you offer a ‘Listen-Again’ facility?

Not at the moment. This is something that we are looking into doing in the future and we are looking into the logistics of doing it. If you have missed any teaching, it is available to buy from Essential Christian, and some of our ‘best bits’ will be replayed throughout the week during our automated programming, and interviews released during the year through the New Wine and New Wine FM podcasts.

Is your online stream exactly the same as your FM broadcast?

For the most part, yes. However, there may be occasions where we have been asked by a speaker not to broadcast a seminar online for privacy or safety reasons, in which case we will only play music on our online stream and the seminar as usual on our FM broadcast.

My question wasn’t answered above! What should I do now?

If you’ve still got a question, then just get in touch with us! During the event, we can be found at the radio station building which can be found at the back of the Arena, you can email us, or contact us via Twitter or Facebook (Details on the ‘Contact Us’ page.)

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